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We’re glad you’ve found us on the very start of this sites voyage into the vast sea’s of the internets.  Being a brand new site we’re a little “slap-dash” right now though hopefully we can pull it all together and make this somewhat a success (of sorts).

First of all, I should tell you a little about the site and how it came about.

I work in the web-hosting industry, so when things dont work I get a hard time and it means I have to do work; when I do work, I get grumpy and swear at the screen.  My screen is receiving counselling though the issue remains, its a vicious cycle.

Sometimes the problem I’d be dealing with would be completely out of my control, and I’d quite comfortably say I get at least one client per day experiencing issues accessing their website or email service and they’d come straight to us assuming the server was down.  Upon further investigation, their ISP is having transit issues and my time’s been wasted looking for their ISP’s network status page to prove this because they’ve a habit of burying it under all the other FAQ and knowledge-base stuff or sometimes ensuring it doesnt get indexed by Google at all by disallowing search engine spiders documenting their failures.

Here I’ve put together a big list of UK ISP’s service status pages and put them in an easy to reach format, all allowed to be indexed by search engines for your convenience.  With this, I’ve placed a few ad’s too to help pay for hosting and to buy me a beer; being a tech-guy is hard enough, don’t deny my of my precious beer, “precious….”.

If you want to get in touch, give suggestions or tell us “your doin it wrong”, please use the contact page and we’ll ignore get straight back to you ASAP.

  • Les King

    An excellent resource – Thanks

  • Why didn’t I think of it?

    The “whydidntanyonethinkofitbefore” ideas are the best, great job!