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  • Rocky Grove

    I have VirginMedia Cable in Leamingtopa. I have not been able to get broadband access for about three hours. Does anyone know of any problems?

  • Peter Georgiou

    Virgin Media it seems the whole ISP is down, even their homepage, are unavailable, i have logged on via a doggle on my laptop, it thought it was just the internet, i cant even get on the phone help lines. Does anybody experience the same problems?

  • Hi i have the same issue – been down about 45 mins – connected via smartphone

  • Mark Smith

    Yes, experiencing the same problem with Virgin!

  • Jo

    Peter it seems that Virgin is down, im using sky but looking on facebook etc seems alot of people are having trouble, not helpful I know but at least you know its not you 🙂

  • Nicola

    Have the same thing, am in London and suddenly can’t access any websites at all even though Internet is running! I can’t get through on 150, permanently engaged!

  • Peter part of the uk are you? Just to get a better idea of who is sffscted- i am in South London

  • cimissachu

    Same here looks like everything is down, bristol here

  • Virgin cable broadband down. Logged in via 3 broadband on iPad I can’t even access the virginmedia web site so it would appear to be a major outage. I am in Cheltenham

  • 3 User

    Down for me, intermittent access to some sites, appears to be DNS related

  • dteve

    Yep also down here. Kingston surrey.

  • dav

    Says service is down for the whole country! Not working here (Bristol) I’m on my phone…

  • cimissachu

    Well so much for my night playing swtor

  • Jo

    Down In Kent 🙂

  • dav

    Is it just me or is virgin internet a bag of shite?

  • Kelly

    Internet down in Exeter has been for about 2hrs can’t get through on phone lines either!!

  • cimissachu

    Hey mate using phone too linky fails, I don’t suppose they have given any more info?

  • message from Virgins website timed 18:25 today: (I’m on Virgin Cable but can’t access ebay)

    If you’re calling having lost your internet connection since 5pm, we are currently experiencing a nationwide fault resulting in loss or intermittent loss of connection. Please do not change any of the settings on your router. You may need to power down your router for 5 minutes and then turn back on, one ore more times to re-establish your connection. Our engineers are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Virgin Media apologise for any inconvenience caused.

  • Bob Mitchell

    Crawley – down.
    Not just DNS though – I tested with alternative name servers with little result.

  • Nicola

    I wonder how long they’ll take to fix a ‘nationwide fault’!? 🙁

  • MM

    Same problem here in S. Devon, Cable modem not even sync’ing up with the service, 3G Failover Pheww!! 🙂

  • EggUK

    Norwich down too….

  • Monts

    No service here either
    (Ilford, Essex)

  • i was just recommending virgin to a mate as they are supposed to be doubling speeds for free next month – DOH!!!

  • down in bristol also

  • EggUK

    Possibly back up…..

  • 3 User

    I’ve set my router to use an alternate DNS server ( got it from and I can now get online to PSNetwork and most sites are working but Virgin’s site still flakey

  • Mine just come back up

  • Paul

    Virgin Media is also down for me in newcastle upon tyne 150 is also down

  • Nicola

    Seems to be back up… tentatively checking around and Facebook is accessible again for now.

  • 3 User

    or, normal service has returned and it’s just the timing of my DNS…

  • Richard

    “I, Richard Branson am superfast. And I’m making sure my broadband stays the fastest”


  • John

    Out in Dagenham too…. Not long after them announcing a non HD F1 channel at somewhere in The region of £200 a year if not a sky sports subscriber, and want to charge me to per hour to watch virgin player on the Ipad . Today will be the straw that broke the camel’s back I think!

  • cimissachu

    Still down here ;(

  • MM

    Back up in S, Devon..

  • Jamie

    Was down for about 2 hours here, West Sussex area. Just come back on randomly. All helplines still down/engaged though.

  • Rob T

    Down in manchester 2! Doesnt look like i can do any gin
    Cant get on virgin website but tries using a different DNS and speed seems to be better but still cant get on virgin media site.

  • Danny boy

    I’m having the same prob in Norwich. Must down for entire country. I’m gutted. But will prob be sorted in the next 24hrs. I wouldn’t have thought they take much longer. Fingers crossed

  • Paul

    Running very slow in Clapham, South London for the last hour. Some connectivity but cuts out randomly.

  • lee williamson

    hi there yes we are down as well living in plymouth, plympton cant connect dsn server problem! what rubbish sort it virgin and quick please!

  • Simon

    No issues here with Virgin on the national service (broadband over bt inf) must be only the cable services?

  • Yoooogz

    down in bristol!!!!!!!!!!! help me virgin media, neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed inttttteeeeeeeeeerrrrnet accessssssseeesss!!!

  • Havoc

    Virgin down nationally. Over heating of core backbone routers in London area which is impacting all network.

  • Monts

    Ok it’s back on now….20 minutes of ipad browsing coupled to my iPhone zapped 20% of its charge!

  • Harry

    Middlesbrough and whole of north east is down bad times!!!

  • MM

    Dodgy Aircon then… ?? ^^ 🙂

  • Romford Rob

    No internet at all for a few hours now in Romford – on line via a PAYG dongle. Virgin not answering the phone and upto about an hour ago couldn’t get through, but the TV has stayed on. Am a bit naffed of with them as the service status bit of the website said it would be resolved by 8.49pm – another unrealistic statement.

  • Yoooogz

    Still waiting in bristol

  • Jon

    Over heating! That implies a serious failure by the HVAC suppliers, which for a major switch centre with redundant grid connections, UPS and AC systems simply should not happen, or a serious managerial failure to engage the right service level in some part of the service (saving money by skimping on preventative maint etc.). If thats the case, heads should be rolling for this.

  • back on here in bristol. reset your router and give it another go

  • Yoooogz

    all good in bristol, thanks

  • Anonymous

    I’m happy to see you all found this site useful for connecting with others affected by the issues with Virgin Media last night.  I’m starting work on revamping this site with the view to make it much more useful and provide further information in future.


  • JK

    It was down for ages last night!

  • Sbs

    Down in Manchester 01:13 20/01/2011

  • Gah

    Down in Baguley