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There, I said it.  Twitter, its useful.

If you’re having issues with your internet right now and your ISP’s status page isn’t reporting issues, though you’ve checked using Traceroute and you’re fairly sure they are, just quickly head onto Twitter and search for your ISP name or something more general such as “internet’s screwing up”, “damn internet!” or “cant access Facebook!!!” (that’s all people use the internet for anyway isn’t it?).

After dealing with a clients issues with his “shall-not-be-named” ISP, it took them nearly three hours to document the problem they’d been experiencing before it appeared on their website though many were moaning on Twitter about it too!

The thing with Twitter is that its easily accessible, and whilst many wont thing to check it, the prolific users will instantly think to reach for their iPhone and moan on Twitter first before checking anything else.

Its one to bear in mind should you be in the same situation, and it gives you a little more fodder should customer support say you’re imagining things…

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