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  • Betty Charles

    Please give more information regarding the e-mail status. You state that you aim to keep your customers informed but you have only just updated the status website and give no information as to when normal service will be resumed. I am profoundly deaf and email is my only connection to the outside world. Please give more information and get the system up and running again ASAP.

  • According to your info our emails are to be reinstated by 14th August. I am using a tesco email address for my business and have lost everything..orders, addresses, new and old emails and all enquiries. Are we ever likely to get these back? I know of many people affected and are now considering switching to another provider as confidence is lost. Is our information safe? where is it and who has it ? Please can you update us as soon as possible

  • Colin Campbell

    My Tesco broadband’s email (in Windows Livemail) has been losing incoming emails inexplicably in the last 2 months (July and August 2011) – please can anyone advise what is happening? Is there a solution?

  • Karin Beadell

    My Tesco broadband email on attempting to login comes up with an Error 404 object not found! This is also happening with 2 other family members email accounts.

  • Karl Goldmsith

    Pop3 not working in Thunderbird. Logged into Tesco email and see address showing oldmail and not webmail. So changed pop3 setting to and now pop3 is working.

  • Same as Karen above error message no email access on either user. Very galling as received last night some quotes we wanted to print off. Service status shows no probs but does not seem to have been updated since last month. Received message yesterday about great new service from Tesco to start in Oct!!!!

  • I am having problems sending e mails using Outlook Express. works fine from Web site though. Getting the following error

    The message could not be sent because one of the recipients was rejected by the server. The rejected e-mail address was ‘[email protected]’. Subject ‘TEST’, Account: ‘’, Server: ‘’, Protocol: SMTP, Server Response: ‘554 Authentication Failed, must login’, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 554, Error Number: 0x800CCC79

    It doesn’t matter which address I send to it is still the same. I have tweaked the settings as suggested but still no good. My wife has the same problem on her machine. We have a router with a wireless connection for the wife’s laptop. Web access is fine. Any ideas?

  • Bob Knights

    Sorry to send this to the wrong department (had to send to the grocery dept!!) but since do not give an email address for questions – perhaps you would send this on?

    The new Tesco webmail already has a few problems.

    1) When forwarding mail, the “To:” element does does come up with any addresses in the contact book.

    2) tThe new look is not so good. There is a lot of wasted space on the page together with a redundant calender that could be a “call up” to save space. The space saved could then be used for a larger space to read/compose emails which is the fundamental purpose of the system!

    Who “road tested” this system?

    Could you please confirm this has been forwarded to the relevant dept. ?

  • Angi Holden

    I am continuing to receive e-mails via Outlook express, but since the ‘migration’ on 15/11/11 no new e-mails have appeared on webmail. Could you resolve this for me please?

  • Karl Goldsmith

    For those not seeing the mail server online, type into address bar, it will redirect to log into the new webmail.

    And previously I had to change Thunderbird setting to oldmail, now back to webmail for it to download messages.

  • Bern

    Thanks for that info on True to form that haven’t mentioned the prefix of webmail in the setup instructions for thundbird so as usual anyone using Thunderbird (and outlook) is messed around again.

  • Moira

    According to Ron at Tesco Technical support I have in excess of 200 emails, yet when accessing my email account only 6 old emails display! I have been told my account has “migrated” but to where and how do I access it?

  • Ron

    no can send email but incoming works, when it was OK before, or you get message “Account: ‘’, Server: ‘’, Protocol: SMTP, Server Response: ’554 Authentication Failed, must login’, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 554, Error Number: 0x800CCC79” Read on…………….

    In Outlook Express click on “TOOLS” then click “Accounts”.
    Highlite with a click “”.
    Click Properties box
    That should bring up card file pop-up
    Click “servers”
    On that file page look to make sure Outgoing mail server box for “requires Authentication” is ticked? if not just click it. If OK do next.
    Then click settings Icon.
    That should bring up two possible settings. Click the button for “Use same settings as incoming mail server”
    Problem should be solved, shame on Tesco for such a bad introduction, my experiance was negative in the extreme.

  • I’ve been trying to access for the last 5hours on 6th Dec 2011. with error message constantly loading. On phoning technical help I am told it is all ok. My 85 yr old mother will now not get her ammended groceries tomorrow, just a pot luck list I put together last week!

  • How do I print off an email in the ‘new’ Tesco email format

  • Found how bt chance ………double click on eml

  • Unable to log into though am connected via to the web as I have searched using Google for Tesco Log-in problems….. Very strange

  • Teresashawkins

    Unabe to log into email account keeps coming up with connetion error but ok on other web pages

  • h2ohouse

    Can’t get onto Webmail, same yesterday… grrrr!

  • Sue

    I have been using a email address for years though I have not continued my dial up service from when I initially set up the address for years also. I have had no issues with the address and so thought it was just like a google or yahoo address – I didn’t pay for it but used the address still. I now seem to have lost everything since the notice came up about all accounts being changed over broadband customers or something like that. I was given no information that I was about to lose the lot, and, as said, I have lost it all. I get the page up but when I type in user name and password it says Domain name not recognised. What is going on? Please help

    • Chris

       Ditto Sue. Presume there’s problems with the service rather than the fact we’re being denied access. Annoyingly can’t find how to contact them.

      • Sue

        Mine now seems to be back up, so I may have panicked too early! Thanks for your reply though Chris; it helped to know it wasn’t just me. Hope yours working too.

  • Chrisholden82uk

    tesco email no longer recognising accounts
    tried support email and phone no help

  • beanz

    a short connection death today resulted in a drop from 200kb/s to 20kb/s … this issue has been constant from 11am … its now 9pm.  the online site is completely useless.

    • Ulquiorra

      I have the same problem, it dropped down to around 20kb/s yesterday & hasn’t changed yet…

  • dozeruk

    Tesco broadband faulty in Barnsley area…. internet works fine for 2 minutes then PING goes to 400+ to Leeds on not a pc issue or connection issue (enthusiast here)