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  • Eddy

    I have a big prob. with my TalkTalk ISP, 2-3 years they were very good but now the connection drops every 5-6 min. and the speed it’s about 258Kbps (nearly 2012, 258kb/s? a joke?) and this is in Ventnor town, Isle of Wight.

  • Fouza Al naimi

    I will not be available for install the line, I am sorry family issue.

  • Thebovingtons

    I have been unable to receive emails for over a week – is this problem ever going to be resolved?

  • dellboy

    Hi ,can send emails but unable to recieve emails today 28/05/13,
    anybody else with the same problem.

  • Gill

    Emails down yet again. Been down more than up lately. Time to leave talktalk as nothing but problems with email for the last two months. Rediculous in thsi day and age

  • Lars

    Agree utter rubbish!!!!!

  • PSW

    An increasing number of problems lately culminating in no email access after 18.00 on 6 August. Telephoned TalkTalk and gave one months notice to terminate contract. The person to whom I spoke said I wouldn’t find a cheaper provider than TalkTalk – in my opinion TalkTalk is cheap! very cheap! and it shows. Lousy customer service delivered by people who find it difficult to communicate in English – cheap! No subsequent confirmation of my having terminated the contract – cheap! No interest in departing customers – cheap! The evening of 13 August and the TalkTalk servers have again failed – cheap! The morning of 14 August and still no email access through TalkTalk – cheap! I would not recommend TalkTalk to anyone.

  • Frank McCoy

    emails down yet again too. What is the problem? I will not renew my contract having been with them from the start.

  • mel

    would not recommend Talk Talk to anyone they are a load of rubbish in all aspects of there service will not renew my contract