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  • mark ryder

    i need supanet to resolve these issues quicker.
    My email address is for my business and its been 4, yes four days and still cant log on due to blah blah blah.

    Get it together before you lose all of the remaining customers you have, falling by the month, and im not surprised

  • Hi,

    Just got an update from a friend, there is a good chance it will be fixed tonight / tomorrow, if not end of the week for sure.


  • timbo

    I was with Supanet for many years. I was never really satisfied with the b-band speed, which struggled to 2.5Mb on a good day, and was often much less. Having an iPhone and wanting to use BT Fon when out and about resulted in my decision to leave them for BT. I had mega problems in getting them to let go! – they told me that I wouldn’t do any better with BT as they rent lines direct from BT, so not to expect any difference…..well, having had BT for 5 days I can report my new speed as being 6.5 to 7Mb, which makes iPlayer useable! I am well pleased with my decision – this is what internet should be like – and I’m sorry that Supanet couldn’t deliver. My package is cheaper too, using the BT Shareholder deal – worth buying a few shares (as I have) to get this.

  • Gullwing

    my neighbour is here with me now to use my phone line as whenever here is a problem with the phone line, they do not seem to be able to fix it, otherwise the supplier has been fine-we reckon it is because BT slow down any repairs from them as they are an obvious rival.

  • Julie

    broadband down since 8/5, now 10/5. Same recorded message & no update as to what is going on. No info on website. Can use webmail at work but need broadband at home.
    Not impressed as need broadband for new business venture.

  • Mark

    I agree Julie. Same problem for me. Any attempt to find their “status” online fails – they seem to have scrapped their info on this on their website. I am still waiting for a second response as to what is going on. HOPELESS SERVICE.

  • Peter

    Shoddy – all I can say about it. I’ve been sent an email with a ‘fix’ depending on what type of router you have. Tried it and guess what? It failed!!

  • Deb

    I’ve had trouble all week – keep getting the BT wholesale message. Is that’s what happening with everyone else? Driving me potty. When I’ve reported outages of internet previously I’ve had the bog standard email about unplugging filters etc. I can go weeks with no problems but when you do get one, it really drags on.

  • Peter

    Now I’ve been told my router is faulty and I’ll have to buy another one. How cheeky is that??

    • DJM

      If your router is faulty and less than a year old, you should be able to get a replacement free of charge.

  • Mark

    The e-mail fix also failed for me. Had to wait for about half an hour to get answered by the helpline and then they STILL couldn’t fix it after a further half an hour on the phone. Now trying to tell me that there may be a fault on the line or my router is faulty. Funny that these problems co-incide with THEIR cock up. Have been told I now have to wait until Monday so they can run a test on the line. PATHETIC.
    PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE HERE if you have similar experiences. I don’t think anyone should be paying for a new router when they caused the problem and we ALL should say so.

    • Peter

      Exactly the same as me. I made it clear in my email reply to them that my router was fine before this issue and that the ‘fiddling’ with it was from their instruction – therefore liability with them

      • Mike T

        Your router is still fine, the issue seems to be due to DNS settings being changed within your router via an unauthorised 3rd party. The firewall in older routers isn’t up to preventing DNS-based attacks, and it seems a botnet or other malicious group of individuals happened to scan Supanet’s IP range looking for ‘open’ routers, as I can see this has affected a few others!
        You can also find that routers that have been left for a long time can be ‘corrupted’ when you suddenly start changing settings, but that’s simply down to the age of your router. If you have an ancient piece of hardware you can hardly expect them to replace it for free.
        I know the above from monitoring a customer’s connection, and seeing the DNS repeatedly changed without authorisation on her old ‘Edimax’ router. With a spare Belkin router this didn’t happen, seems the Belkin firewall was better.

  • Phil

    No internet or e mail for 5days now. Recorded message has changed to one saying the router is the problem. Spent 1/2 hour on hold on their helpline, gave up! That’s it for me and Supanet, been with them for10 years plus. Didn’t think they could get any worse but they have. Cancelling Monday.

  • Phil

    Just changed out the supanet supplied router to an old one I had laying around…..all working ! Still slow, still rotten customer care, still leaving!!!!!

  • Peter

    I’m guessing that if you switch provider, they’ll send you a new router as part of the deal – no brainer!!

  • CH

    Now 13th. No internet since Wed 8th. Have spoken to them. They have a problem they can’t fix at moment. Have promised to call me tonight as I have spent too long listening to their music waiting to speak to someone. Got through to billing eventually. Waiting time is about 1 hour to get through to technical apparently.

  • Mark

    Last Friday I was told they would call me back on Monday (today) – see below. Well, it’s 3:15pm and nothing yet. Losing all patience. Appalling customer service.

  • CH

    Back on line. Called this freephone number and got through in 5 mins.0800 138 3521. Got Kasda router which they can fix. Cant fix some routers at all. Talked me through settings great.

  • deb

    Anyone having trouble again with the BT Wholesale message coming up? Internet/mail been on and off most of the weekend 🙁

    • Peter

      Same for me, not working from Sunday onwards, any ideas what’s wrong??

      • Mike T

        Turn your router off and back on again, this should fix it.

        • Peter

          Tried this but didn’t work. Solution was to configure the router as per the instructions in the manual as it had lost all it’s settings. Back up and running now.

  • kevin mcmahon

    whats going on with supanet is this service down or what they dont even update there web page to inform the customers

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