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  • Mark Bell

    Anyone else having problems with Lumison? Even their phone line doesn’t seem to be working?

  • Having same problem with Lumison no phone mobile not answered cannot access their web page anyone heard anything

  • @ Mark Bell – I have been having issues with Lumison this morning, no replies to their phone lines and last email delivered at 07.05 28/09/2011.
    Looks like a big failure, or something more serious?
    No support ticket reply from another email account either even after 2 hours which is not like them!

  • Same as everyone else, but got through on the phone at 11:05 and they are having problems and hope to have a fix shortly

  • The phone lines went live again and got through to a lday like Simon has, they have all available personnel working on the issue and will contact all customers once they have it sorted.

  • Outgoing messages now seem to be going out, my incoming is still not working, but router is going mad so it’s probably trying to process them all

  • Karl

    I’m the administrator of this site and am glad to see that it’s proving useful as a line of communication with other users of the same ISP.

    It’s actually something I didn’t foresee it being used as though with it soon to be re-designed I’ll be sure to include and emphasise on this.

  • I think the ISPs should be looking to a third party portal for communicating data like this when they have service outages, because lets face it sometimes they cannot get the message out to their clients because of the self same outage.

    I am still without email, possibly the longest email service outage with Lumison after about ten years of them being my business ISP !!