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  • anthony holloway

    why is there a security lock on my BT homehub2

  • matt bryant

    briadband down not router as tested it
    0161 777 8995

  • Warren Sherwen

    BT network down!

  • Martin

    Broadband Problem in the East Rudham area is still ongoing, despite being told it would be resolved by 2pm.  Losing patience now

    • Anonymous

      We’ve recently signed up for BT Infinity for Business here at our office, I do hope this isn’t how things are going to be for us!

      How often do you find yourself without net access per year roughly?

    • David

      I’m in the same place. It was OK until about 2.45 when it went down here in this part of East Rudham. There was a van outside that dicky exchange at around 3.30 and I hope he’s still there as it sure as hell isn’t working yet!

  • andy-midlothian

    Going on 2 days that I’ve not been able to get access to bt email either via windws live or the bt yahoo web version.  Wondering if this is a widesprad problem. Same for my wife’s account also.  Internet access is fine.

    • andy-midlothian

      Still on-going. BT call centre suggest it is our BB provider (virgin) at fault. No it cannot be, it is the same for access form my work, I cannot get logged into my btinternet acount via btyahoo webmail there either. Internet access otherwise is fine.

  • Paul

    Using bt home hub2.0 and  had Limited or no connectivity for last 5 days.All lights are blue on the hub but still no internet. Area code is 01274 anybody else with same problem? Rang bt few times and got different answer each time, last answer i got was it must be my pc at fault!

    • Graham

      Same problem with my connection today, area code 01604. All blue lights on the hub but will not connect. Worked fine first thing this morning but halfway through updating my iPhone it suddenly stopped. It’s the third time in three weeks I’ve been without my home broadband; one of them was for three days.

  • F41000


    • Bill

      I left talktalk to go to BT.  That was a stupid move, worse service – less bandwidth.  Can’t wait for contract period to end

  • Richardadcock

    Why in the last two days has Mozilla Firefox been unable to connect btinternet. Your call centre has not been very helpful in this regard.

  • Jpj1958

    A friend is having connectivity problems is there an outage situation in the Adlington area or is his problem something else?

    Post Code PR6

  • Steve Andrew mail is not responding, is there an issue?

  • kevin prior

    are there any problems with bt in the verwood dorset area

  • Jvincent

    is there a problem on broadband in ME17 3

  • Laburnum Caravan

    Is there a issue in post code NR27 9QP

  • John

    I’ve got broad band, but now it’s really laggy im on the 40m bt vision package thing was running fine now it’s struggling to find 2mb’s of speed is this happening to anyone else or just me?

  • Inkabijou

    Can not send or receive mail in NE40 area. Is there a problem here too?

  • Mike K

    Problems in Southampton / Portsmouth area?

  • Turtle_tom

    CM1 Supposedly on 40 well76 but only getting 1 :O

  • Internet is suddenly slower today (cannot watch 720p video on YouTube) in TN29 Area. Ran a and it took a considerable time to select a server, then recieved 550~ms ping and some pisstake of a speed.

  • John harrison

    internet connects, then drops … have to disconnect router, then try again.. and it comes back.. but not for long, and I have to do this all over again.. this is 17.00 02/07/12 Hope its sorted soon!!

    • John harrison

      this is dd6 area btw

  • RobFletcher

    My 80/20 service was running at 1.25 down and 4.3 up on an IP Profile of 58.77 (using the BT Wholesale speed tester) until a HH3 Type B reconnect via the hub manager.

    Yet again for the 3rd time this week something is excercising the HH3 Type B bug whereby download speeds via the LAN ports drop to around or below 1 meg.

    Running a multiple TCP stream speed test shows that the upload speed is actually around 16 megs, but the download is still 1.25 megs.

    So the bug is even more obscure, basically only really affecting the download thoughput to the LAN ports – the wireless connections are unaffacted.

    Have seen this problem now and then since moving to the Infiinity 80/20 package, as have 100’s of others.

    So, I would put money on an HH3 Type B firmware bug.

  • KJBweb

    We’re in the Preston area and are experiencing serious issues with out BT Infinity connection and our backup BE connection.

    • Ace

      Broadband down in lancing near Brighton. bn15 8ad

    • Aptomcat5

      Same as London then

  • Siddu Bhatia

    Experiencing issue with BT Infiniti connection. Not able to call customer service number too. This is in westferry road , isle of dogs

  • Spontonnier White

    I’m in south east London no BT INFINITY available here for the last 25 mins.

  • Paul R

    BT Infinity completely fallen over her in Brighton (BN1) this afternoon – have had to resort to Three MiFi backup solution. I switched from Virgin to BT recently to get away from the regular outages on Virgin, but it seems that BT are no more reliable than Virgin ?

    • KJBweb

      I’ve found BT to be pretty stable in all fairness; I mean yes, this page is by far the most popular on the whole site traffic wise, though that’s relative to the number of people whom use their services.

  • Alex-fisher

    Have lost broadband in the Middleton Cheney (ne Banbury) exchange area this evening, Have tried to report the fault but the indescribably  awful website keeps sending me to the BT shop

  • Eddie

    Appears to be a problem in the TN18 area

  • L and M

    Service in Weybridge, KT13 barely keeping its head above water … connectivity struggling, e.g. 4 attempts before this page successfully loaded 🙁

  • Richard Polkinghorne

    Cannot access TVCATCHUP website. apparently it was a DNS problem nationwide, but BT is the only ISP not to have rectified fault, even though TVCathup have told BT what
    problem is. come on BT please sort it

  • SD

    Irregular Connection on BT Infinity in Bridgend, South Wales area

  • Demonangel1

    Bad connections in Cheshire and Stoke on Trent areas, keeps getting cut off.

  • TeVerro

    Bad connection in Swansea, it’s frustrating.!

  • Pontypridd is So slow 

  • LorrINE_STONE1


  • Fivestella

    Very iffy in Cheslyn Hay. Keeps cutting out.

  • Brocross

    Very intermittent service all afternoon in Macclesfield, Cheshire. Rang the status line as I couldn’t get any connection for a while and was told that it was the status line and then cut off without any information – well done BT!

  • Clownshoes

    South Wales, showing 75/16 but keeps dropping.  Bt call center says no line problems but auto message saying there is a fault.

  • Langestange

    BT Infinity, Intermittent or at dial-up speeds
    all afternoon
    in Bridgend

    • Johnny10hands

      Same again here in Shrewsbury. 22/07/12 @ 21:50

  • Gailkirton

    still intermittent broadband in cheshire…. updates say 9.30 fix…. its waaay past that

  • GE1971

    BT Infinity in Caerphilly (nr Cardiff) absolutely appalling today – intermittent connection and when it’s up its *VERY* VERY slow 🙁

  • Paul

    Intermittent connection in NW Bristol.  Router keeps going offline.

  • Axel

    no internet in Northampton city centre

  • Harlequin1965

    BT infinity in Bishops Stortford has been intermittent at best or out completely for the last 48 hours!!

    Get a grip BT, it’s not as if it’s a free service!

  • Lotty1

    why is bt broadband suddenly gone slow in stoke on trent

    • Lotty1

      My internet now gone from 2m to 9m all I did was move router away from transformers and electric cables.

  • Alansavill

    problems last week now nothing will not even recognise password leicestershire

    • Bernadette Staden

      Mine is not working either

  • Bazilbowls

    btinternet email intermittent. got connected once today using outllook express

  • MikeandJenny Pollard

    btinternet adsl desperately slow this week at all times.  olympic catch up tv or what?

  • MikeandJenny Pollard

    Last post relates to NN6 7 and NN6 4 areas

  • Grant

    Walton on thames internet keeps dropping out – 4 /8 /12 very frustrating! any known issues today? 

  • Bradley Stoke

    01454 (Thornbury) broadband has gone down. Router showing a red light. Using 3g to access net. Not the first time this week!

  • DK

    Just lost connection in Gravesend. Anyone else?

    • Si

      No, I’m alright

  • Richard

    01271 post code download speeds as low as 270/upload 378 – we still pay the same as everyone else but no-one at BT seems interested in getting us better speeds – drives me nuts!!

  • Sean

    Been down 3day’s now in 01634

  • we are in Retford Notts and experiencing loading of some pages extremely difficult for hours now!!! This happened last night too for about 5 hours!!

  • Ian

    Based in Suffolk using BT Infinity and have problems accessing some sites in USA it has been doing it for last week I would think but has got worse over last few evenings they take an age to load sites are OK during day!

  • jr

    I have same problem but I don’t see frome (Somerset) area affected on their list

  • chris

    Still intermittent broadband in Wrexham despite a supposed fix last night

  • adam

    Is the phone lines down in somerset

  • John Mayo

    No Infinity In Brackley Northants

  • JH

    Internet problem still ongoing in Southampton, very vague comments re “being fixed as quickly as they can”. Has not worked since 6pm yesterday. Very frustrating as elder children were working online for exam revision. Any clear timelines for resolution to problem?

  • boopser

    Bude, Cornwall fibre net down

  • Service seems to be down here in central London (EC1) and this page where you want me to enter my telephone number for a fault check keeps throwing up a timeout error, and I KNOW I’m not entering the number that slowly! This site isn’t very smartphone friendly either, which is an unfortunate oversight since smartphones are now a common backup Internet access device.

  • jacqui

    my internet not working again we now it not use so must be b stoke on trent t

  • mathew

    no internet in minehead area since the 21st been told it will be fixed by tommorow now every day and our neighbours being told different times and dates too this is getting stupid all i can use is facebook and that is the least of my worries it is now 6 days without internet! im thinking of going to sky

  • Speedster

    Issues in winkfield row router is not finding broadband very intermittent

  • Still nothing in the hunslet aera

  • Bt I need my 72 meg back please

  • CuriousBTUser

    Are there any problems in the Verwood, Dorset area?

  • Steph Dracott

    Is anyone having internet issues in North Bristol

  • freethought

    Kingston 5.4 – 1.44mb connection speed to computer from wireless router. Supposedly 18+ mb line speed. Whats going on. OK until Tuesday now rubbish after 6pm. Can’t check my line due to BT technical error. Useless service!

  • BT Broadband slow and intermittent in SY83LY, (Cleehill shropshire, Service by Manx Telecom in the Isle of man was much better than this.

  • Emlyn

    Unable to send email from BT Yahoo webmail page – just sits in Outbox 🙁

  • Stephen H

    Broadband down in heanor near derby

  • Harry12

    HI, I am unable to log on to my btinternet email address either on my laptop or my moblie, I’m in the SW9 area of London IS THERE A PROBLEM AT PRESENT WITH BT INTERNET??

  • AstroMan

    Networks speed still 5Mbs as usual but taking forever to download from any web pages Derbyshire DE6 near Ashbourne
    what on earth is going on ?

  • jayenaar

    Walsall, West Midlands. 10 june 2013; 1800 now. Came home to find no connection on BT internet and broadband. Any news of what the problem is and when we can expect it to be fixed

  • Fezza

    Nantwich Cheshire, twice now within 2 weeks connection (infinity) down from 34 mb to 0.05! Pay through the nose n get crap connection! Bt take your money but don’t deliver REGULARLY

    • KJBweb

      I find this happens with my Infinity connection too, please try resetting both your HomeHub router and the modem (white box). Power it down for more than 10 seconds then power it back in and try again.

  • Dibs

    Nn9 area 0.16 download! Arrrggghhhhh!!!!

  • Lnc

    Warrington broadband intermittent.

  • Alison

    BT internet lest 2 days can’t connect with POP3 server

  • graham

    cannot send emails to customers using bt internet mail servers

  • gaz

    I’ve had no broadband since thurs night.constant orange broadband light on my hub, phoned 4 times. grrr…. bargoed,mid glam… gaz

  • Anuj Arora

    29.07.13 (14:56) I have no broadband since last three days and have called bt to get some answer and been on hold of more than 40 mnts and still no answer by anyone. Im in Acton area dialing code 0208. Would really like some answer when my broadband services will be restored.

  • marie

    Broadband down in GU17 area

  • deano

    Still no Internet in carlton in lindrick 01909 (s81)

  • Claire Elder

    Are there problems with the internet in Consett (DH8), my internet keeps dropping out for some reason.

  • gran_duque

    Warrington – 01925 Major Broadband issue on BT dial in advice line, not a mention on Service Status site and its been like that since Monday night.

  • Ysbaddaden

    Similar problem in North Wales(Caernarfon). Pages are very slow to come up. I get that little blue/green circle going round and round for lengthy periods, then bang it suddenly appears. BT internet is definitely not itself today or yesterday.

  • Bob

    Intermittent broadband in Birmingham for two days

  • Varadero

    Intermittent and very slow broadband on Ubbeston Suffolk exchange

  • Sandie

    is there a problem with broadband in lostwithiel cornwall? its got increasing slow and keeps cutting off after a few mins, up to a few weeks ago it worked perfectly, what’s going on??

  • me

    my internet not working in paddignton whats going on please

  • Big A

    I signed up for infinity because my standard 16mb service had been running at 0.2mb for months on the undertaking that I would cancel if service problems continued. They have and my 40mb service fluctuates wildly from 8to 37mb or stops altogether bt refuses to cancel my contract ( against the current uk law ) me thinks. I have spent the last week on the phone for up to 8.5hours a day to no effect. They have always blamed my equipment but having brought in other equipment it does not improve at all. Help! This is costing me and Bt service is non existent. Do I have usual right to cancel ?

  • Tim (Norbury)

    There’s no service at all in Norbury. Been intermittent since Friday. I don’t see our area on the above list.

  • George Stitt

    Lincoln area very clunky with routing problems. I reckon the underground boxes are flooded.

  • Nutflip

    Still no bt broadband in catford

  • Nutflip

    Grrrrrrrr the one day I really need my internet

  • goat

    Bad conns in Bangor County Down

  • tom

    keep being cut off – starting to be a pain – no reports in DG area

  • Aoife Bellaink

    No broadband BD20 Keighley

  • JimW

    Broadband has slowed down to 1% of normal speed in the Darwen with Blackburn area. When will this be corrected?

  • Vicky Richards

    Ne40 orange flashing, orange grrrrr two days, cant hold connection for more than 3 minutes

  • Alan D

    Intermittent dropouts every few minutes in North Kent since about 5 pm, 2nd March…